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Getting the position of a element
How can i check if the position of an element in a one-dimensional array(vector) is odd or even? can...
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Is a number prime
Hello I got a task, and I don't have any idea how to do it. Maybe you can help me? There is given...
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by colt
Two first values of the matrix change after last function call.
Two first values of the matrix change after last function call. Hello. I have a matrix MxN, whose...
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Given a two-dimensional rectangular array of NxM numbers. Find the smallest number in the first colu...
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Why is 64 bits the largest primitive
Hi guys, So I could be wrong, I'm guilty of using mostly C++98 mainly when I program. I have read t...
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Intersection and Difference in a Set.
I need someone to explain to me how to implement Intersection and Difference in a Set. I know how to...
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An array without a size
The data file contains a sequence of numbers of up to 10 elements. Find the minimum and maximum of ...
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want to calculate all score average
hi, I already get the score average but now I want to calculate all the score average of the student...
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quarter of a one-dimensional array (1,2)
Hi guys, how can i get the 3/4 of one-dimensional array(vector) in a program?
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by mnm71
How to handle connection reset by peer?
In this program, when I want to connect several clients to the server, for example, 10 consecutive c...
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Hexadecimal number insertion inside a larger one
i want a constant const int hex_numb; and how do you define a hexidecimal number in int format? ...
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Can you use std::hex outside of a cin/cout <<
instead of #include <iostream> int g = 70; cout << std::hex << g << "\n" ; //instead like this ...
[2 replies] Last: int hex_num = std::hex(h); This implies something more important: tha... (by jonnin)
sqlite3: database keep locked by a function
I made a simple C++ program with sqlite3, it's composed by several function in which in each functio...
[1 reply] : So why don't you add a database_close(db) to your find_user function? (by salem c)
Can someone tell me why my code isnt working
//contents of Numbers.h #ifndef NUMBERS_H #define NUMBERS_H #include <iostream> using name...
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by hg2555
Create a webpage to record a video stream
I have a C++ program that reads a video from a camera (using OpenCV)and sends it to a Web server. I...
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Vector append & merge
For one way to do these, consider: #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> #in...
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Reading large values from text
hello i had a problem reading file. in the text there are a huge number. This numbur is 37107287...
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"if" inside a do-while
Hello guys, i have a silly question. I'm doing an exercise where i need to countdown an user input ...
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return value in a C function
Hello all, Please excuse me for asking C programming question in a C++ forum. As we know you ...
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No spaces between text after merging files
Hello all, I'm back again. Theres this issue within my code, but I don't know exactly where the i...
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