Merge file using std::merge

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The exercise says we need to merge two text files into a third one suing std::merge. Since that algorithm works only with iterators and only STL containers have iterators, one acceptable solution would be to save the files' contents into two STL containers and then merge the two using std::merge. Finally we can write the merged data back into a third text file.

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Apparently, streams can also be iterators.
std::merge assumes sorted inputs. Are you making that assumption about the text files, @frek?

What are you merging? Characters, words, lines, numbers, ...?
Apparently I can't use std::merge with files. The files consist of chars, integers, doubles etc. So I need to make use of an STL container which has begin() and end().
Can you post examples of your files, and what the sort criteria is to determine the ordering.
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