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Hi C++ forum ,

I am learning C++ from this book : C++Programming 8thEditionbyMalik;
also I am registered in Udemy : this course is really good .

I want to ask for recommendation for next book , next courser ..

Thank you
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I haven't read the Malik book in particular, but I would argue that any good C++ book for beginners will at least introduce you to the standard templates library and the overall theme/utilization of OOP.
By the end of your book, you should have some familiarity with polymorphism and inheritance and have been able to practice it in live code. For every chapter try to create code that utilizes each topic presented. If there are practice problems in the section review then try solving several of them out. Don't just read the book, interact with it.

By the end of a good beginner's book I think you should actually be ready to tackle a GUI library. Try coding a little bit of QT before diving back into C++ standards. By tackling something like QT you'll develope your own questions that will drive you to the internet. Look it up on Youtube, there's a lot of information that can be had there. Try creating some simple apps that would be useful to you.

The reason I recommend QT is that their libraries are wide and sprawling. By playing with sections of them you might find where your real interests lay. You might decide to focus on video/audio editing, or create your own browser, or make a new paint program for a niece/nephew. Then you can choose your next book to specialize more in that area of interest. It might lead to something like the fast fourier transform for audio editing, or Bayes theorem for probability analysis, or video motion tracking for robotics.

I have abandoned QT as my base because I don't like their gpl licensing, but I would still recommend them as a learning platform that's worth dipping into.

Knowing a little bit of C++ will get you a long way. The basics are enough to get you started, and the things provided in the newer versions (C++ 11, 14, 17, 20) can be learned on an as-needed basis, and as your schedule allows. By reading your first programming book, you have opened a doorway that leads in many paths.
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Professional C++ by Marc Gregoire (5th Edition due 7 Jan 2021)
C++ Templates The Complete Guide by Nicolai Josuttis
C++ Core Guidelines by Rainer Grimm (28 Decemer 2020)
C++ Concurrency in Action 2nd Edition by Anthony Williiams

Also from

C++ Move Semantics by Nicolai Josuttis
The C++ Standard Library by Rainer Grimm
C++ Lambda Story by Bartlomiej Filipek

> I want to ask for recommendation for next book

Recommendations by the stackoverflow community:
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