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how to get backspace input from keyboard
hi to all, I've mysql server in centos6 server and codeblocks in centos 7client. i am trying to do a...
[11 replies] Last: Well first you study how all the multi-byte key presses are encoded as... (by salem c)
How do you add 2D array elements diagonally?
In a C++ program I have a 2D array of integers. What kind of code would I need to sum each diagonal...
[3 replies] Last: Hello Dbreaker, Another way to look at what salem c start with. I ... (by Handy Andy)
Calculator. How to fix if user types letters isto numbers (1,2)
Hi, Im trying to learn som C++ Im trying to make a calcylator. If the user types ex (nr1/n2) 2/b i...
[26 replies] Last: How to fix if user types letters into numbers See keyinp.hpp www.... (by seeplus)
Quick Sort - How to copy the remaining element back & rand the pv
First of all, thank you for everyone who took their time to help us, beginners, here to learn. My...
[4 replies] Last: say that you have arr = {"hello", "brave", "new", "world"}; suppose... (by ne555)
by ebz
How do I use VirtualAlloc on the Linux platform?
Hello! I somewhat learned how to use VirtualAlloc on Windows, but not sure how to do the same thing ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks :) (by ebz)
by Mif
Help with Keyboard input
When I press left, right, up, and down Keys always goes +2 if I change the keys for using direction...
[11 replies] Last: Finally I solve the problem.. I had to reset the snake tail int the l... (by Mif)
Trouble with Arrays in Classes
I'm still somewhat new to C++, and I'm attempting to write an array from an users input inside an ob...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you eveyone! Especially Dhadyden and seeplus because I now under... (by mygoodirishman)
Read data from file into array VS
Hello everyone, I am quite new learner of C++. In a data file whose extension is .dat named as Proj...
[13 replies] Last: Hello everyone;Thank you to all of you. I understood well , I learnt h... (by learner999)
by ebz
Question about passing a struct to a function by reference. One of the properties reads -3689348814741910324
I'm trying to learn how to allocate memory reading a tutorial. I wanted to allocate 128mbs of memory...
[2 replies] Last: Hey Ganado that worked perfectly, thanks a lot :) (by ebz)
by felloz
Pointers - question
I have the next doubt in the documentation We can ...
[1 reply] : Yes. (by helios)
by TLoke
Reading & Printing Unicode / UTF-8 Mac
Hi all, long-time-lurker but 1st-time-poster here, I recently took a dive back into Unicode while tr...
[10 replies] Last: I was looking for an easy way to output UTF-8 code-points in hex UTF... (by mbozzi)
overloading ++ operators
Hi, I am learning about overloading the ++ operators, and I believe I have the concept understood. B...
[3 replies] Last: post-increment is operator++(int), pre-increment is operator++(). De... (by seeplus)
by rin103
I don't know what's wrong with my code. It runs, but it does not print properly. example simulati...
[5 replies] Last: That won't be what you got from your original code, where you were di... (by lastchance)
get rid of a statment without affecting the program
how can I rewrite the program so that the continue statement is no longer needed. // This progr...
[6 replies] Last: break and continue are tools that you WILL need on occasion; that is w... (by jonnin)
help changing a simple statement
can someone help me to rewrite this code so that break; is no longer needed // This program ra...
[3 replies] Last: Hello Leonardo797, Properly indented this is what your program looks ... (by Handy Andy)
help with int sum, average and total number
I just need help finding the count of the numbers that the user has entered, I don't need the sum or...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks jonin!!!, wow I forgot that (by Leonardo797)
BTW calculation
Hello World, im new in C++ programming. I would like to calculate the VAT rate of 6 items. I wan...
[14 replies] Last: just one small note, but i think worth saying: you don't need to buy a... (by TLoke)
help with conditional statements
Hello I'm need some help with my condition statements for my "gear indicator" Arduino program for...
[1 reply] : if you want it efficient, this begs a lookup table or a switch stateme... (by jonnin)
Is there a more efficient way?
I'm relatively new to c++(barely understand what I'm doing). but I tried to make a table. This howev...
[3 replies] Last: reuse what you did already: xxy = 2*xy; etc... some compilers can chan... (by jonnin)
Displaying average age and youngest student's name
This question is a follow-up from my previous one. Write a program that needs to read a input file ...
[5 replies] Last: The original assignment guaranteed a nullptr at the end of the array. ... (by dhayden)
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