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by jabeh
Overloaded Method
For an overloading method we have the method that have the same name, different number of parameters...
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by vysero
Match everything after first occurance of a number
Hey guys, I have a bunch of std::string's of versions coming from a map: someProgram-Ver-1_11 someO...
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c++ program that utilizes menu to print specific information from a weather data file
I have posted questions about this HW the other day, and I would like to know if I am going in the r...
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Trying to format the data to be inline on the right side.
Hello, I'm just trying to format the output on the right to make it all inline. I am having a hard ...
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Ways of storing all possible variants of variables for a class
I am writing an RPG creator for an RPG tabletop game where each variable has an array of all possibl...
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Put inputs into array
How do I make it to where the program takes 10 integers from user and puts them into this array? Tha...
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Matching the value from input and value from a text file
Hello. I have a text file consisting of member data. I am developing a program where we can use the ...
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Large data file hw assignment
I am stuck on a homework assignment where I filter out bad data flags that say -9999 from a massive ...
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by jabeh
C++ Classes Program
#include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #include <fstream> #include <string> using namespace std; /...
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Questionnaire/Survey program with the use of if /else if/else statements
Hi I’m trying to figure how I would create a validation for the amount of no’s that are at least...
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C++ hangman program (stuck on one problem) (1,2)
Goal: Create a Hangman program to guess a 5 letter word. More details: -Users gets 5 letter guesse...
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How to use additional Header and Implementation files in a project that already has a 'header-imp-class' configuration.
I have a project in which I have a normal c++ file for my main function and I have a header for decl...
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Error Codes
Hello everyone, I am currently trying to work out a specific problem that I have been stuck on. The ...
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Recursion problem
Hi, I am having trouble having my code read the recursive search. If I enter above the limit it let...
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Objects Classification
Hello guys. I am trying to edit the code that I have developed previously. After editing it, I have ...
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by garyL
Average from array keeps returning address?
for my hw assignment, i had to write a program with 2 functions and an array to gather grades and th...
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how to skip over code
Hi guys! I'm having trouble with a part of my code. I don't want it to output the given pollutant em...
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My while loop won't do anything after I input the word yes
My while loop won't do anything after I input the word yes. I have marked the line that is giving me...
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by Naqq
Building a Recipe
For the love of humanity, someone please look at this. This is the shell I have so far. I am trying ...
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Help with int variables
So I'm making a program that takes a price a trade-in value and a down payment with an interest rate...
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