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Find data from file and assigning to struct members
Hi guys, I need some insight on my code here, So I have a file that have the following stored: ...
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Header Files and Private Variable Usage
Hello! I'm trying to create a header file for my upcoming project. This is my first time actually us...
[8 replies] Last: R L86 L89 above, == is equality test, = is assignment. Also pass strin... (by seeplus)
operator overloading, and some other basic stuff
i am doing an exercise - a library software, which takes book names, ISBN in form n-n-n-x where n is...
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by Day532
Permutation in c++
Hello there all, I am new to c++. Be that as it may, chipped away at python. Need to change over t...
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For loop prints 0, after i++ increment expression!
How come: it prints value 0 for i, if based on definition of for loop, i++ will increase i from 0 to...
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Using C++, write a class BooksInfo
Using C++, write a class BooksInfo which has the following attributes: Book_Title, Book_author(s), B...
[14 replies] Last: Hello mar1972, Using C++, write a class BooksInfo which has the fol... (by Handy Andy)
Enum help
So I'm just doing a simple code to show use of enumerations in a code of our choice. I kind of under...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <limits> enum weekDa... (by seeplus)
password hint
Hey guys im wrting a code but ran into a problem, i am asking the user to enter the password that is...
[5 replies] Last: yes but i wanted to compare 2 arrays with the same that way i just add... (by rezy3312)
Average array
Let me preface this, im a noob in an intro level c++ class. Here is the problem Create a 2...
[11 replies] Last: what I'm still not understanding is how to call the variables in the ... (by dhayden)
Small 'Matrix' Game
Appears that the original owner has done a bunk. If you don't supply runnable code then people ca...
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How can i clean my messy code
Hi everyone. Im a newbie, because of that i apolige. I have a messy code. I want to clean it and wan...
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Dynamic Array
Hello I'm getting an error in the implementation of my push back function to append values to a dyna...
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make member variable immutable after constractor
In other langs like Java there are keywords like 'final' where a member variable suffixed by 'final...
[9 replies] Last: No. A variable can only be set as const when it is defined. You can't... (by seeplus)
Array with copy
Hi guys happy easter, This is what I am trying to accomplish Create a 5-element array Initial...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <valarray> using namespace std; templat... (by lastchance)
Resize function in STL Vector
When I searching for resize function of the STL Vector, I find some of the words says that this func...
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if control statement
hey, I am working on project and I want to make the person choose and enter what he like to see and ...
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by PK Dey
inline function
The following code gives same result whether "inline" present Or not. Then what is the purpose of "i...
[6 replies] Last: inline is just a suggestion to the compiler. [quote=cppreference]The... (by Furry Guy)
by hbcpp
Prevent computer from sleeping in Linux
I need a way to prevent the computer from sleeping, turn it on/off at runtime. I believe SetThrea...
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Provide a proper variable
how should I right a variable in int gindex (unsigned int PC, int bank, long long hist, folded_hist...
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by akeilo
Needing help with my loop
I was wondering how I could fix this loop to keep asking the user to input a number after the wrong ...
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