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by Mif
Need help with structs ?
Hello again.. I have defined these 2 struct, and when I try to compile it gives me two errors, of ...
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by medosz
2d array with range-based for statement
I am trying to set each of the element to zero in the 2 dimension array with a nested range-based fo...
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by Sevvy
Infinity Loop. What am I doing wrong here?
Hello, new to programming. Watching videos while I create stuff to try and improve. So, here's my is...
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why const references are the exception that they allow apparent indirect access to a literal?
Why would I use a reference that refers to a constant literal? what I understood that this is used ...
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methods overloading
Evening everyone, need your help with the following task: I have to write overloading methods that ...
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JS Angular
I am interested in learning Angular JS. If anyone can suggest any online course to learn it.
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New to templates
Write your question here. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong here? #include <iostream> usin...
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Primary-expression error
It shows error "expected primary-expression before ',' token" on line 10. I ran out of ideas how to ...
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by medosz
Assigning value to 2d array
What statement should I use to set the values in the first row and the second column to zero in this...
[3 replies] Last: Hello medosz, To go along with what keskiverto has said consider th... (by Handy Andy)
Error on operator overload
I tried a tutorial about operator overload On line 16 (nComplex sum;), I had the following error: ...
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by siid14
Taqueria Record Sale Program (Struct issue?)
I'm training myself via a programming problem about a taqueria (burrito) sale. My issue is that the...
[1 reply] : salesRecord *taqueriaRecord = new salesRecord ; //ask user n... (by salem c)
Check my code, please!
I have a C2106 problem in '' sum = a / b + = a / b; '' here is how to solve it? { int a, b;...
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Hi, since i started reading up on c++ i was taught to return from functions by reference to save on...
[7 replies] Last: That too ^^. Its gotten very rare to need to second guess the compil... (by jonnin)
calculate the difference between two time periods
how to calculate the difference between the departure and arrival times of a plane entered from the...
[5 replies] Last: struct hm_time { int hours = 0 ; int minutes = 0 ; stati... (by JLBorges)
How do I compare a user input to items stored in an array
In this lab task, you have to create a program which simulates the process of Aruba Vending Machine...
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by yem
Graphs (1,2)
Hi, Visual Studio seems to be telling me that the iterator it is const (and therefor not letting me...
[22 replies] Last: dhayden I actually did it based on your method in the end. https://g... (by yem)
Vending machine program
In this lab task, you have to create a program which simulates the process of Aruba Vending Machine ...
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Reading file not working?
Ok, so you're given 3 options. 2 is to ask the user for a word or phrase and then it gets converted ...
[1 reply] : The issue is how you're reading the file contents. The getline() shoul... (by seeplus)
by dadu u
i need help
Write your question here. so i made a program of calculating a side using the pythagorean theory an...
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Repeat exactly three times in Array - C++
Hello, I have an array with Non-fixed size and I'd like to get indexes of an array that exactly r...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <map> using namespace std; map<int,int... (by lastchance)
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