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Some Noob Help
I am still very new to learning C++. I am trying to write a small program to help me at work. The ...
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Main can't be altered, functions aren't correct
I have this General List program from my instructor. I can't alter the main code. I have all the fun...
[19 replies] Last: I did copy paste your alteration dhayden, that's when I first encount... (by dhayden)
circular dependency and classes
I had to do a exercise with classes and this one had me do a circular dependency thing. anyway they ...
[2 replies] Last: My guess would be the same reason you can't do something like this ... (by markyrocks)
Please help! How do I code this?
If anyone can help out please, new to c++ and need help. PART II: Read a file, input the data t...
[7 replies] Last: Hello sayat52, To your hints I would make this change: • It is no... (by Handy Andy)
2d arrays
hey pals, I am trying to write a code which will find : 1. sum, - for each vector of the matrix...
[4 replies] Last: thank you guys for all the help, appreciate it (by MaxGreen)
counts how many times the do while loop occurs
is there any way to count how many times the do while loop occurred for example: a = 4 b = 7 i kn...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks you all it really helped alot :) (by paper01)
by medosz
I am tring to understand understand what the following program does. I am assuming the following: ...
[4 replies] Last: Passing by value causes a copy to be undertaken which is not neccessa... (by mbozzi)
Regarding language selection!
Greetings of the day! I am Yash Savani from Ahmedabad. My query is, Which language is best for compe...
[1 reply] : You're asking this question on a C++ forum. I hope you're ready to rec... (by Albatross)
by rin103
About hailstone sequence
Write your question here. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void hailstone( int = 1 );...
[6 replies] Last: You might/will need t... (by againtry)
Print items
made a program that displays the sum, the minimum value entered, the maximum value entered. But Don'...
[1 reply] : Not sure I understood correctly; nevertheless, here it goes to give yo... (by chicofeo)
Very new only couple days
Hello, I am brand new to programming. Most of the stuff I have figured out is through trial and e...
[6 replies] Last: briancb2004 Mixing stream extraction (>>) and getline is fraught with... (by lastchance)
Hello Guys i am trying to create a simple banking program which has 2 options 1st Deposit 2nd W...
[11 replies] Last: Can you write this in my code and send me the full code Programming... (by dhayden)
Mistake in a counting-corrector
Hello! I am learning how to use c++, but I just got into a problem that I can't solve. Somebody, ple...
[1 reply] : = is for assignments. == is for comparisons. (by Peter87)
Help with code (1,2)
I need help, my code is just not working and I've tried everything to make it work. I've been at thi...
[20 replies] Last: I think I know where the abuse came from. But you're OK sheeppuspus, ... (by againtry)
For loop problem
Hello guys It's just a registration form for which I am taking a person name and the person phone...
[14 replies] Last: @Furry Guy - yes you're right about your code limitations. Consider: ... (by seeplus)
by romey
Code not outputting correct value if input is invalid.
I'm writing a Roman numeral to Arabic number converter. Its mostly working - just a small hiccup....
[10 replies] Last: Ah. going the other way is a pain. but there are only a few thousand ... (by jonnin)
Address of array in C
Hello, I execute the below code and the result is: 10353140 - 10353140 - 10353156 - 10353...
[2 replies] Last: Arrays are not pointers. The type of a is int . Notably, it is ... (by mbozzi)
Visual Studio Question
When I'm editing .cpp and other types of files using *other tools*, Visual Studio frequently starts ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, that helped. i got visual studio out of the "open with" list a... (by lbrandewie)
Print elements of array of void pointers
Hello, How can I fix this? I want to print all data in this array. # include <stdio.h> int ma...
[4 replies] Last: Hello Shervan360, # include <stdio.h> int main() { void* myPointe... (by Handy Andy)
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