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Need help reversing a sentence
Hello, I'm currently having trouble with an assignment that is due in 50 minutes.. The instructi...
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Variable Help Question (1,2)
The main part of the program will call a single function three times, passing in no data, but the fu...
[24 replies] Last: Thanks! That helped a lot! Now I know not to use the stuff that clang... (by agent max)
Not respondig c++
After 5-10 mins of coding, code blocks is not responding. Can someone help me ? the only way I can...
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Guys I have difficulty with this exercise would you give me a hand
Write a procedure that calculates the sum of the numbers returned by the call to a function which, g...
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confused in a returned reference
class date { int x,y,z; public: date(int a,int b, int c): x{a},y{b},z{c} {}...
[1 reply] : Since you're assigning the return value of default_date() to an object... (by helios)
by thmm
Build targets in make file
I try to create a make file for different targets. I get the the followinfg warnings. makefile:15: w...
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by gsrls
Trouble filling in Odd Numbers.
I'm having trouble filling in the odd numbers from a list. I can only use recursion to fill in those...
[1 reply] : What else is your ListView class capable of? > The output that im get... (by salem c)
C++ does not make an exe file
Hi I'm trying to make a simple c++ code for my assignment and It won't open CMD or make a txt file i...
[16 replies] Last: did you move it off the desktop? (by jonnin)
How can we access to private attributes in base or parent class from child class ? A class contain...
[5 replies] Last: THIS IS THE ERROR MESSAGE : ../src/child.cpp:32:15: error: binding re... (by FORK1)
Help Needed
Do you expect someone to do your work for you?
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Lots of Memory Leaks?
Hello - I tried to run my Bufferlist test, but I got a segmentation fault. I used valgrind and I s...
[5 replies] Last: I thought the loop itself was initializing it, since it's an array? S... (by Ganado)
What Is The Main Difference Between Float And Double Data Types?
Write your question here. Hello, Nowadays I am learning Data types in Cpp, and a little bit confus...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply I found this( (by neerajsati)
Weird default constructor (1,2)
I am trying to write a tic-tac-toe program using a class, and I got this example off a different int...
[22 replies] Last: @ doug4 , Thank you! You have opened my eyes. I guess I was kind of ... (by agent max)
Do-While Loop help!
Hi everyone! So new to this, I might have started my assignment wrong. I'm not sure, basically i'...
[12 replies] Last: Hello miguelminaj, I have been going over your latest code and I do h... (by Handy Andy)
The sum of the submatrix
From the first line, read the numbers N and M from the keyboard. From the following N lines, read M ...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=swingby]You use files I'm not using files. You can change "in"... (by lastchance)
1. Check if the size of the vector is odd or even with the std::vector::size member function. http:...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah, I thought that looked odd. Or maybe the OP just deleted his pos... (by agent max)
Strange vector definition
I was looking at some examples of vectors in my C++ textbook, and I came across this vector initiali...
[2 replies] Last: *smh* Thank you @dutch. I keep forgetting about that. Welp, I should... (by agent max)
Write your question here. Using pseudocode, write a program which employs the Selection Sort tec...
[3 replies] Last: Well, here is a sample selection sort algorithm. This is a complete p... (by agent max)
About getting input
There are 2 codes that I want to know the difference between them. I still cannot understand if swap...
[1 reply] : Yes, there is a subtle difference in behavior. Lets say the user inpu... (by Ganado)
try catch exception
Lads, I am trying to do HW in a specific way using the exception library. task: Considering that ...
[2 replies] Last: @coder777, thanks so much, I could identify the problem however couldn... (by MaxGreen)
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