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deque push_front, how it actually works?
Hi, I am learning about deques and their operations, and on push_front() and I am pretty sure I know...
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by alexas
find the center of the rotated cube c++/glm
I have a cube and I need to find its center after the rotation has been applied. So as you can see, ...
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Number to Letter
Hello, How do you write a program that prints out the alphabet out to the "nth" letter? For exam...
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Linked List
Working on inserting a node at the front of linked list. First time I ran code worked perfect but n...
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VS 2019 C6385, array, fstream
Hello World! I´ve got this warning (C6385, Reading of invalid data from "sammlung": the readable s...
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by akeilo
Need help
How would I rearrange this to get constant variables. I need three of them. I am using this to calcu...
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R/C/C++ library for N-dimensional arrays
I'm looking for a library that is either in R or easily wrappable with R, that can do the following ...
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sequential access / sequential containers?
I have been learning containers. Now learning sequenial, and it says " The data structure they imple...
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Exception error
Hello everyone, I am getting the following exception error in visual studio Unhandled exceptio...
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I have issus with this code: How can i make it to display this condition. It has to be with recur...
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Variables in while loops
So I'm doing an assignment where I need to take a partID and quantity from a text file and put it in...
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Use static in function - C
Hello, Why we should use "static" char of array in function? Thanks #include <stdio.h> ...
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by Ch1156
invalid min and max arguments for uniform_int
Im having some trouble and im unsure whats going on. So in my code i have attacks that an enemy can ...
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by L67GS
With maneuvering the filesystem relative to the working directory to enter various sub-directories I...
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using count() question (1,2)
I'm trying to use the count() to see if 2(or more) elements from row are in row . If false, then ...
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by bstroe
Maximum submatrix
We have an A matrix with N rows and M columns. Find the maximum sum submatrix in the matrix. The ...
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loop a output for certain amout of times
I'm trying to make the code in a way so that the output "its a Yes or no question" will come out lik...
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Expected primary-expression before '(' token
Hey, I have been trying to compile my c++ code in OpenFoam and for some reason I keep getting expect...
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program ends unexpectedly
This is my code. Everytime I want to run for the 2nd or 3rd time, before i even get a chance to type...
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How to check if input is valid, if not reask question.
I understand (!cin) but I need to check it for multiple user input variables, how do I do this? A...
[4 replies] Last: > I understand (!cin) but I need to check it for multiple user input v... (by ne555)
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