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help with assignment
i have no idea how do i even form this program let alone make it. My assignment entries will close i...
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Load multiple class objects from file OR save/load vector of class objects
Hi there Stuck again... I have a class for player characters and store all instance of this class ...
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Dynamic table (like a 2d array, but with vectors): How to increment size (like push_back)?
Time appropriate greetings! For something that I am working on I need a dynamic table of objects....
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set method c++
modify the set method so it can change the nbOfWagons and weightPerWagon public: FreightTrain...
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derivate classs in c++
modify the implicit constructor of freighttrainroute it will initialize the nbOgWagons with 0, the ...
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Fireworks in C++
SO I need to code silver swirling dragon fireworks in C++, how do I do it? what will I need?
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by Eclypz
Stuck with sorting struct array
Hi i'm new here and a total newbie to C++, i was tasked with creating a program that gives the user ...
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Vector Not Found Error! (sorting txt files)
I've spent the last 12 hours writing a code that is supposed to take two text files, one containing ...
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Populating matrix diagonally from cordinates
Hello, here is the example of inputs and outputs. input: 6 10 R .......... .......... ...
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error in vs 2019 ??
any idea how I can fix this error please ?? << S...
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Calculate the registration fee
Okay, so I'm trying to write a code that calculates the registration fee of different vehicles based...
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Cmake and linked shared objects
Hello, I would like to ask about cmake and it's lining of shared objects. I compiled and installed '...
[1 reply] : > cd "/home/administrator The first thing I would suggest you do is st... (by salem c)
How to deallocate memory for different vector collections
So I have a few vector collections below that are in different files and I'm having trouble figuring...
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Need Help Sorting Two Different "txt" Files + Display
I was tasked with writing a program that took two texts, one with full names and another with phone ...
[1 reply] : Then post small samples of the text files into a post. Edit: Have y... (by jlb)
Need to figure out how to write this program
I need help writing a program that does this. I am new to this and I do not know how to start this o...
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Converting a multiple 8-bit value to an unsigned char*
I am trying to write code for WASAPI that writes audio data to a buffer. Here is the buffer to be w...
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Compare two lines of arrays and return the elements that are in the first, but not the second
So i have 2 lines of arrays. First line is M, second line is N. On the first line the user inputs 2 ...
[3 replies] Last: All i want is to display what elements of N are not contained in m ... (by seeplus)
compile / runtime / casting
Hello, This may seem like a stupid question but I just want to make sure I understand. I am learning...
[2 replies] Last: > but the dynamic cast will compile even if what I am casting is not p... (by JLBorges)
Explain linear regression code
This code is supposed to generate predictions using linear regression. Can someone explain what each...
[1 reply] : throw that away. Its not useful. consider a simpler example: https... (by jonnin)
Question for my code :)
Hello all, I would like to ask a question regarding a coding exercise. I have an exercise where I h...
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