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by Kaega2
Int Array to Function: Passing direct value??
Is there a way to pass a direct value to a function that expects an Int Array as its input? I'm ...
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Help with a Covid survey for class
Write your question here. I am writing a code for my advanced c++ class and I believe I have done ev...
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a[i] = i++ undefined behavior
Greetings! Another question to the language subtleties. As I have understood until this point (...
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functions with ifstrem
So I want to if its possible to have a function to get data from text file and store into variables ...
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Help with a Coffee Shop program for class!
Hello! I have torn this website apart looking for help, but nothing has. I am currently in my first ...
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C++ Help with homework!
Hi! I am a beginner to C++ programming and I am completed stumped on one of my homework labs. I will...
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by Paul5
Reading text file and displaying each word with it's frequency on output
I have made this program which will give the word with it's frequency on output but I want to make ...
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Can I ask where did I go wrong in the code? It was supposed to add the numbers infile (1,2,3,4) #...
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by hasane
How to read data from website?
Currently I'm using system command to download raw paste from pastebin. However, it would be nicer ...
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functions with ifstrem
is there a way to move the ifstream out of the main function and put into a separate function? any i...
[1 reply] : Yes. But it depends on what you're trying to achieve. Can you provid... (by kbw)
by dina1
please help
Let Q(x, y) denote xy< 0 The domain of x is {1,2,3} and the domain of y is {0, -1, -2, -3}. Implem...
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recursive function in classic binary tree / predecessors
Im writing recursive function in classic binary tree , to write the ID of all the nodes that are p...
[4 replies] Last: Do you mean predecessors or ancestors? Predecessors are nodes whose I... (by dhayden)
Zodiac Program
[6 replies] Last: Someone reported him, so he should disappear in a bit. (by agent max)
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Instead of writing each function to respond to 't' and 'T' etc with several functions how do I use t...
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