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Chapter 07 Rock-Paper-Scissors(-Lizard-Spock)
I have a program and I know there's probably a lot of mistakes so it may not be an easy fix but it's...
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by PonPon
Just started looking into C++
I want to make a simple game in C++ and maybe later use OpenGL for the graphics Are there any tut...
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compile a program
Hi! I need to compile a GitHub program but I don't know how to program. Could someone generate the...
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[MFC] How to read txt files words by words?
I am trying to read only txt file word by word. I succeed reading txt file and add whole contexts(tx...
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Program terminates with no errors and no output
I am new to C++ (great fun so far) I am trying to get my code so that it will take a password from a...
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Checking amount Function
Hello to all. I am having some trouble writing code for a program that lets users input certain amo...
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how to code a tokenizer(for shunting yard algorithm)
how to code a tokenizer? any tutorials that explain the nitty-gritty of making one?
[7 replies] Last: @seeplus for fun, shunting yard (since it the easiest) (by codinglexernewbie)
How to add an option to repeat the code and a win count for every round.
Hi everyone, I'm just a beginner here and would appreciate it if anyone could help me add an option ...
[3 replies] Last: > and I got everything down except for the part I need help with. You... (by salem c)
[4 replies] Last: Do you mean this: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using nam... (by seeplus)
Question - C++ Battleships Game
Hi All, I have a question on one of my functions for a code I am writing in C++ that should hopef...
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Cross-platform text-mode apps
I want to write these. I am currently using Linux, and run my test code through the terminal. I've...
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by Geckoo
freopen_s option
Hello. I made a little program which works in the windows console. All works as expected, but I woul...
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by alexas
Bound angle between cuboids (1,2,3)
Dear Experts, Angles have worn me down yet again. Now I am trying to set up the required connectio...
[44 replies] Last: @keskiverto , thank you. Yes, my mistake was that in the beginning I t... (by alexas)
restrict string input with letters only while using the void class
I was trying to make a set for insert the input and get record to output the input for the class. H...
[8 replies] Last: Because cin >> is used. This will only input one word until a white-sp... (by seeplus)
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by MrASR
How to fetch new data in file 1 (new data) based from file 2 (old data)
I want to filter the new data that is in file 1 (new data) based from file 2 (old data) File 1 (new...
[3 replies] Last: Yes. So you need to write your own program. As I asked above, what iss... (by seeplus)
2D array problem assigning to an int variable
So I've got a movie review program (4 reviewers) (6 movies) and I need to find the highest number (1...
[6 replies] Last: Declaration – Syntax: data_type array_name = new data_type ; For... (by seeplus)
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