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by scaar
Copy an array of char into a multidimensional array of char
I have a set of hard coded arrays of char and I want to use them in order to fill a multidimensional...
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by saam
get next time
I have tried to move the next time frame by Bot (automat) I have implemented the getNextTime on Orde...
[2 replies] Last: @seeplus thanks. How to move to the next time frame automat ? it doesn... (by saam)
How to populate a string vector randomly
Hello, I have trouble making my function that populate a string vector with a size of 10 and fill ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks, Andy the way you did it gave me the idea of a very caveman bru... (by Growthra)
by saam
auto c++
auto is not allowed here in C++11, C++17. I upgraded C++ language but I still get auto is not allowe...
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by sam1x1
reversing letters of words
i am required to reverse the order of the letters of words in the string but the position of punctua...
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by siid14
Pointers and C-string
I'm doing the following assignment : Write a function which accepts a pointer to a C-string as i...
[11 replies] Last: Yes, what auto generates is version dependent. Apart from that it is a... (by coder777)
by siid14
Overloading and Private Function errors
Been working on this problem about overloading function and private function but I got a couple of e...
[1 reply] : take rectangle:: off initname .. you don't need it there, that may be ... (by jonnin)
by maddi
Modify data in file
Hello! I'm trying to make simple bank database, witch is based of structure. I'm having problem wit...
[1 reply] : On line 23 you call seekg(), which moves the stream's read file poin... (by helios)
dynamic array that stores a list of integers
I have to write a program that asks a user to enter the size of a dynamic array that stores a list o...
[3 replies] Last: Hello Anonomys, Your instructions feel to be a bit lacking in informa... (by Handy Andy)
cancel input operation without terminating console
Can anyone please give me some hint on how can I terminate an input session in a console app without...
[10 replies] Last: I should skip on adding to this console app and better to switch to a... (by seeplus)
Writing from existing files to a single new output file
I want to write a program that reads from three different existing files and writes their contents i...
[9 replies] Last: As C++ code: #include <fstream> #include <vector> #include <iostrea... (by seeplus)
by min01
Hello again everyone! I am confused by the instructions given. Can someone help and teach how to do ...
[18 replies] Last: #include <stdio.h> int main () { int x = 512; int y = 1024; i... (by againtry)
How to return string from a function and store it in a vector
Whenever I try to return the value of string encode() function I get nothing. Can you please help me...
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by emcp
linker not finding reference, unless inline?
Hi All, I had an example code snippet which I construct a work stealable queue .. all was fine wh...
[4 replies] Last: I got the code now to compile after re-reading a suggestion from a ran... (by emcp)
C++ how to return string from a function and store it in a vector
Help me out please!!! I want to return string with this function, but whenever I try to it just does...
[2 replies] Last: First, code tags make posted code easier to read. See https://www.cplu... (by keskiverto)
by saam
How do i sort it by Binary search? void OrderBook::insertOrder(OrderBookEntry& order) { ...
[1 reply] : It sounds like orders is already sorted when you call insertOrder(). ... (by dhayden)
Implement the split() function to return a vector of strings
implement the function split() so that it returns a vector of the strings in target that are separat...
[3 replies] Last: Perhaps something like: #include <iostream> #include <vector> #incl... (by seeplus)
by abuh
please help me
Write a method to implement the bubble sort on singly linked list ? #include<iostream> #incl...
[2 replies] Last: Perhaps: #include <iostream> #include <cassert> #include <initializ... (by seeplus)
Creating a TCP Server for real time chatting app
Hello! I am trying to add a project in my portfolio, and as such, it is critical I actually under...
[1 reply] : If you haven't read yet, then start there.... (by salem c)
Asking User If they want to run program again
I have this calculator program and i need to ask the user if they want to run it again, right now wh...
[3 replies] Last: bool run_again() { string prompt{"Do you want to run again (yes o... (by againtry)
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