What can i do with C++


I would like to start with a C ++ course, but first I would like to know:
- what kind of applications can I make with C ++
- can I edit a Microsoft access database or SQL Server with C ++.

Tx in advance


> - what kind of applications can I make with C ++
Anything you like (well anything you have the skill to write)
sourceforge wrote:

54872 programs for "c++" with 1 filter applied:

> - can I edit a Microsoft access database or SQL Server with C ++.
Sure, but M$ likes to make things unnecessarily difficult to being with, so it makes you unnecessarily dependent on them in future.

Use SQL if you can, there are many more options.
c++ is a high performance general purpose language. It can do anything that can be done on a computer, but it is not the best choice for every project.
editing a database with a code type program is often a last resort -- you needed to do something exotic that required the extra speed, for example. most often you do this stuff in raw sql if you can, and if you cannot, then there are the graphical ETL tools if you have access to one (you would at a large company). For example my last job was using ibm's datastage, where you draw little icons and connect them to do the database work. However, this tool allowed you to write (among several languages) C++ code to do difficult work that was not easily expressed in their toolset or for faster performance. I also frequently wrote little c++ programs to assist in dealing with problems -- for example we moved a few hundred million records to a database and a few got lost along the way. We needed to know which ones... so sql dumped the records in the first system and the records in the target system, c++ compared the 2 dumps in seconds and told me which were not there, then some investigation into how they got missed (fix problem... meh) and a quick one-shot move and it was done.

so while c++ is not ideal for database work, you may find many uses for it in an IT career, or not. The big problem with C++ and IT is that a lot of IT is going to the rented mainframe approach (aka cloud) and most of those platforms only support a few languages, c++ is very rarely one of them.


So, the uses of C++ is unlimited and a few of them are as follows:

1 - Games
2 - GUI based applications
3 - Most Adobe apps are built using C++.
4 - Apps like amp media player by MS is built using C++
5 - Most popular Apple OS X has some part written in C++
6 - Build enterprise software, and much more.

Additionally, I found some of these resources and questions here. https://www.interviewbit.com/cpp-interview-questions/
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